D.R's Story

*Sensitive and Graphic Content Warning*

This story is not going to be quoted but instead summarized as it was shared with us verbally.

D.R was 16 years old at time. She had just recently created a profile on a local friend meet app. Keep in mind this was over 10 years ago now, so social media was quite different and many were not aware of the true dangers. Continuing with the story, D.R met a guy named David. He was "17" and only a few miles down the road. After talking for almost a week she decides to meet up with him after work. Originally they were going to grab some food and hang out. Well David changed plans last minute and asked if she could meet him at his place. When D.R got there, she texted him she was outside. A few minutes later she sees someone come outside. She gets out of the car to meet him but he's not him. Well technically he is David, but far from 17. He is close to 30. When she tries to leave he slams her against the car. She tries everything to fight him off. She's screaming but nobody is coming to help. As you can sadly imagine, the monster she met that day assaulted her. When she managed to get away, she drove to her friends to get help. I truly wish this is where the story had a good turn but it does not. Her "friend" told her she it was not a big deal and she probably did something to deserve it. D.R never told another sole about that night for 9 years. Her "friends" words put doubt into her mind. Making her feel guilty. Making her feel as if it was deserved.

Assault, abuse, domestic violence, rape, etc, is NEVER your fault. You never deserve to be treated in such a manner. You never deserve to be hurt at the hands of another. 


We do have a little happy note to end this on. In the past few years D.R started going to therapy. She has mentioned the relief she has felt being able to finally work through her emotions created by this trauma. She has told her story to a few others now and has officially started healing.

We couldn't be happier for her! D.R you are amazing and we can't thank you enough for sharing your journey with us!

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